Saturday, March 26, 2011

Salads / challah

Oh hay y'all. I'm in Florida at my dad's house and my sisters and I cooked dinner on Friday. The following are a few items that I made.

Roasted red beet salad. The beets were cut up, tossed with olive oil and lemon juice, salt, pepper. Then roasted for perhaps an hour at 375 or 400. This was really yummy. Especially since this dish costed $2 to make. Hurray for cheap beets!

Fennel and citrus salad. I sliced the fennel thin and cut segments of oranges and grapefruit. The dressing was olive oil and lemon juice. I enjoyed this but the citrus segments got a little broken up. Still yummy!

Endive, celery, apple golden raisin, and walnut salad. Dressing consisted of white wine, lemon juice, olive oil. This salad was ok. The chunks of apple were too big I thought. Also the endive pretty much got lost behind the celery and other ingredients.

Challah! I am never good at making a uniform challah - as in the same size the whole way through. This challah was a lot fatter on one end. It was delicious nonetheless!

That ees all for now!