Saturday, May 24, 2008


Well hello. I made this spanakopita with the help of my roommate. I bought some whole wheat phyllo dough because the store had both white and whole wheat and I couldn't resist. In a bowl I mixed some frozen spinach that was defrosted and drained with some feta and caramelized onions. Then we rolled them up into triangles. There was also some melted butter than was spread on the phyllo. I really liked the spanakopita, especially the next day. The complaint that I heard was that it wasn't oily enough but I don't mind that. The phyllo was still really crispy and delicious.

Feta, Tomato, Chickpea and Edamame Salad

Oh hi there. I made this random salad because it seemed good at the time. It was alright, but I think it needed something extra. The ingredients are all in the title in addition to some onion, a little olive oil and vinegar. If I make this again I will change it up a bit and maybe through some lettuce up in therr. Also the onion was too much for me.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Potatoes + egg + avocado

This morning I ate like a king. I made a variation of home fries and scrambled eggs, and cut up an avocado. The home fries are a variation of this recipe, except that I didn't use bacon fat. I boiled some potatoes whole, until they were tender, cut them up into cubes and then fried them with some onions. I think I should have boiled the potatoes for a shorter amount of time because they easily lost their shape in the frying process. Also I didn't brown them as much as I should have. They were still tasty imho. The eggs I just scrambled and put cheese on top. The avocado was the perfect ripeness, and was delicious. By the way, avocados are 3 for $1 at Henry's! Hurray for cinco de mayo.


Oh hai. I made burritos because my roommate bought tortillas and I got jealous. I bought some chicken legs and cooked them and scraped off the meat, because that's cheaper than buying chicken breasts and I'm poor. I also caramelized some onions, made some brown rice, cup up a tomato, opened up a can of veggie refried beans from TJ's, opened up a jar of salsa from TJ's, and grated some cheddar cheese for those who wanted it. The first night that I had the burrito I didn't really like it because it felt like each ingredient was separate, they didn't really combine to make one solid burrito. However, I made two burritos to take to school and by the time I ate them there, everything combined and they were delicious. The above picture is what my roommate calls "the beaver shot" of the burrito.

Here are some of the ingredients available: