Sunday, January 25, 2009

Leek and Random Vegetable Quiche

Ohai there. I made a quiche. The crust I made using this recipe (just the crust), and then I just went with the flow for the rest. The innards of the quiche consist of leek, broccoli, green beans, tomato, egg and cheddar cheese. I also topped the whole thing off with some mozzarella, just cuz. It came out pretty good. I really like the crust, it was perfect, and there was no butter involved! The innards were kind of plain, but still pretty good. Next time I'll prepare more of the filling because there was room for more. Also, maybe next time I'll put some ricotta or something in the filling. I'd still call this a success.

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flycer said...

Your quiche totally inspired me... the day I looked at your posting, I developed a mad craving for vegetable quiche and so made broccoli quiche that night, also with a nice hybrid-flour-seedy crust :) Want to do it again!