Saturday, February 24, 2007

Lasagna - Part 3

Hello, I made lasagna again. I don't think I'll make it for a while though, believe it or not but I'm sick of it. This time I added green olives to it. I think they were really nice in the lasagna. Again, I just used ricotta, some feta cheese, tomato sauce, spinach, fried onion, fresh basil, and cheese. I bought this weird shredded mozzarella cheese from ralph's that came with an herb seasoning pack. (It was the only shredded cheese on sale.) That's why the cheese has green specks. I think it was actually pretty good. At first I was hesitant about it.

The lasagna was good. I was a little stingy on the amount of pasta I put in. I only put two layers of pasta in it, and they weren't even completely covered because I ran out of pasta and didn't want to boil more. But I don't think that you could even tell that there wasn't that much pasta.

Next time I make lasagna, I plan on not boiling the pasta before hand. The lasagna again came out a little watery and I think that this extra moisture could be used to cook the noodles. (It wasn't that watery, again I soaked up as much as I could.) Plus my mom doesn't boil hers and it comes out fine. The following is the before picture:

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