Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Mint chocolate chip ice cream

Hi! I made mint chocolate chip ice cream using this recipe. The complaint I got was that it is too minty. It doesn't taste like the mint chocolate chip ice cream from the store, it tastes more like spearmint since that's the type of mint I used. This is the first ice cream I made from a custard. I think it went quite well! My only complaint is that it was sort of flaky - it wouldn't really stick together. Other than that I liked the flavor and texture.


Cait said...

Looks so good!

Matt said...

This ice cream was like an avalanche from an arctic mountain all the way down my throat !!

It was like riding a polar bear made of chocolate through the rocky mountains !!

delectable if I do say so myself !!

10/10 would put in mouf again.

Sat Garcia said...

We just got an ice cream maker a month or so ago. The first batch didn't turn out so well (just plain vanilla but using cashews instead of cream). I just made some fresh strawberry ice cream the other night and I'm diggin it. Mint chocolate chip is totally next on my list!

flycer said...

Mmmm.... Drool.... Still considering getting an ice cream maker, too, and seeing your pics make it all the more tempting :P