Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Chocolate Ice Cream

Now now, this is Philadelphia style chocolate ice cream. What that means, ladies and gentlemen, is that there is no custard going on in there. Custard ice creams scare me so I haven't tried them out yet. The ingredients of the ice cream are heavy cream, milk, cocoa powder, chocolate, sugar and vanilla. There is only one cup of milk that is required and the recipe said whole milk, but I was sneaky and used fat free milk. And guess what, the ice cream was still good! The next trick will be to substitute fat free milk for the heavy cream. Yeah, that won't work, but I would still like to come up with ways to make ice cream less bad for you! The night the ice cream was made, it was pretty soft, but after it had been in the freezer a while it got pretty hard. Some might say it was too hard. But it was still good. Overall great success in my mind!

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Ayelet said...

I wish I knew you so you could cook for me!