Saturday, May 24, 2008


Well hello. I made this spanakopita with the help of my roommate. I bought some whole wheat phyllo dough because the store had both white and whole wheat and I couldn't resist. In a bowl I mixed some frozen spinach that was defrosted and drained with some feta and caramelized onions. Then we rolled them up into triangles. There was also some melted butter than was spread on the phyllo. I really liked the spanakopita, especially the next day. The complaint that I heard was that it wasn't oily enough but I don't mind that. The phyllo was still really crispy and delicious.


Matt said...

As an official GREEK MAN(tm) I am qualified to say that this spanakopita was Δα Βομβ (that's greek for "really tasty").

Anonymous said...

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