Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Tomato and onion tart

Hey hey. I made a tomato and onion tart today. I am staying at my mom's house right now and she has mad tomato plants in full bloom around the house, so I used those cherry tomatoes in this tart. The bottom layer is 1 large onion that I caramelized, 1 package of feta cheese, a bunch of basil leaves (also from my mom's garden) and 2 eggs. I mixed all of those together and put that on the bottom of the tart. On top of that I put a bunch of cherry tomatoes that I had roasted in the oven before hand for about an hour. The crust is a whole wheat and olive oil crust. I thought that the tart was very delicious. In the future I will work on the crust, because it was a little tough. The cherry tomatoes were really good though, since they were roasted before hand. The feta cheese was also delicious.

And here it is after my sister and I got our hands on it:

I totally took what felt like all day to make this tart. Ok, not all day, but a good 3 or 4 hours. It's nice having nothing to do, and just taking my time and being inefficient. I can only do that for another week and a half!


Matt said...

that's the best looking tart I've seen since you left WHOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

btw you have to change the description of your blog you're not a college student.

ephrat said...

Save some for me!!!!!!!!!

flycer said...

DAaaaaaamn girl, that looks and sounds crazydelicious!! Cut me a BIG slice of that one.... mmmmm!

jihae said...

wowww dafi-nae-nae your posts make me hungry