Friday, January 4, 2008

Challah Back Youngin'

I made challah! This is the first time that I made traditional challah in a while. Surprisingly it came out amazing - the perfect texture and the perfect sweetness. My older sister even asked for seconds!! My 8 year old sister helped me out by mixing some of the ingredients. She even made her own mini challah. The challah I made is a 6 braid.. fancy I know! There's nothing whole wheat about this challah - it's just straight up bread flour. Maybe that's why it's so good! Perhaps next time I'll put chocolate chips in it.

Edit: I had originally written this post after trying the mini challah which was cooked completely. My big challah had some areas that weren't cooked completely (in the center of the big part). Next time I will make sure to cook it all the way though! The recipe only said to cook it for 30 minutes and I believe I may have even cooked it for 40 minutes. The recipe was probably talking about a smaller challah though. I was just looking at the color of the challah to determine whether or not to pull it out.

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